Guca Trumpet Festival

Gucha Festival, Serbia, private flight. Madness made in Serbia.

Departure from Croatia.

Gucha trumpet festival. The trumpets play late into the night. The village of Guča  (Gucha) is a peaceful, scenic and colorful part of western Serbia. It has gained world fame owing to its Assembly of Trumpet Players, the largest trumpet and brass band event on the planet.

Every year, the small town turns into a massive party with brass music playing everywhere, the smell of dozens of grilled pigs, and dancing on every step.

The love of the people of Dragacevo for music, especially for the trumpet, began in the rule of Prince Miloš Obrenović who ordered the formation of the first military band in 1831. The sound of the trumpet traditionally accompanies every major event in Serbia’s rural and small-town life: births, baptisms, weddings, Slava (family patron saint day)…

In the several days of the Gucha festival, anyone can resist giving themselves to the adrenaline-rushing rhythms and melodies that simply force one to jump to ones feet and dance.
The traditional Dragačevo trumpet – its cult kept alive for nearly two centuries regardless of political and social considerations.

Some orchestras, when they appear on stage for official competition, wear the national costume.

They play by ear and quite spontaneously, relying on their imagination and musical memory.
They play from their heart and soul, and their music reaches out to listeners precisely for these qualities.
The Gucha Assembly of Trumpet Players continues to grow every year: today, this musical feast of recognizable national skills is more popular, more diverse and bigger than ever before.

The song “Sa Ovčara I Kablara” marks the beginning of the festival each year.

The number of visitors increases with each coming year. The record was set in 2010, when Gucha hosted in excess of 700.000 visitors over 10 days of festivities.

Friday at Guča always features an opening concert, Saturday is famous for night parties, and Sunday is dedicated to the competition.

Gucha is a place of catharsis of the heart and soul while the festival lasts. All this is more than enough to attract visitors to Gucha each Mexico, Spain, Greece, Denmark, China, Australia, Finland and many other close or distant countries.

Lots of music and rakija at the craziest brass festival in the world. The brass bands are parading through the streets of Guča, inviting festival-goers to party through the night.

Let’s go to Gucha!

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