Kornati National Park


It consists of 89 islands, islets, rocks, a wealth of  karst landscape, craggy coastline and wealthy ecosystems.  To the national park you can come by boat.  It is paradise for scientists, nature lovers and deep sea enthusiasts.  The largest European  long-eared owl’s habitat is on the island of Kornati . The Kornati National Park covers…

Telaščica National Park


It is located on the southeast side of Dugi Island. It is an area rich in contrasts. You can enjoy calm beaches on one side or find a place to swim among the rocks. There is also the area of Alpine pine and oak trees, rocks, olive groves and vineyards . Telašcica Bay is the…

Velebit National Park


Velebit National Park covers an area of 2,200 KM2, which extends from Vratnik in the northwest to the Zrmanja Canyon in the southeast, a distance of 145 km. Velebit National Park is the largest protected area in Croatia and it received its protection status for its natural values ​​and the importance of conservation of biodiversity….