Brijuni Helicopter Flight

Panorama helicopter flight, Brijuni National park.

Brijuni island group is the most interesting, the largest and the most indented group of islands along the coast of western Istria.
Along the coast of western Istria, there are several groups of islands among which the most interesting, the largest and the most indented is the Brijuni group of 14 islands and islets. It is heaven on Earth.

Veliki Brijun is the largest, most beautiful and most visited Brijuni island. Its suface area is 562 ha and the length of the coastline is 25.9 km. This island is an exceptional example of harmony achieved by the intertwining of nature and the human touch.

Veliki Brijun is partly cultivated into a harmonious landscape of lawns and landscape parks, and besides exceptionally valuable remains of architectural heritage, it contains preserved vegetation types typical for the western Istrian climate.

Mali Brijun is known for its Fort Minor, which is the largest fortification on the Adriatic coast, as well as for the Ulysses Theater which represents a jewel of Croatian art and gathers theatre lovers each summer.

The island of Vanga or Krasnica is probably the most mystical island of the Brijuni Islands.

The island of Vanga also represents government-owned properties where vacation is provided for high-level political officials.

Another one of Tito’s residences is located on the Vanga island, where it appears as though time had stopped and you can see the wine cellar, the Slovene room and the Indonesian fisherman’s salon, as well as a photographic laboratory and a workshop from his time.

Kozada is a small island of the Brijuni Islands

Gaz is an uninhabited small island of the Brijuni Islands. Looking from a bird’s-eye view, the islet is shaped like a fish.

A mix of flora, beautiful view, greenery, relax…National park Brijuni is untouched nature of beautiful islands.

In the Naional Park Brijuni we enter in a different world – a mix of flora, fauna and human action. On the right side of the entrance to the Safari Park, ostriches and peacocks proudly strut around, among which completely white albino peacocks stand out.

The ethno park is an area within the Safari Park presenting a typical Istrian homestead.

The elephants, turtles, zebras…

You will see also the the old olive tree and it is one of the oldest olive trees in the Mediterranean.

Panorama flight of National Park Brijuni by helicopter.

Amazing flight for you, keep it in your memory.

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