Private flight and VIP transfer

Take back control of your work, travel and personal time.
When you call Conte Adriatic, you tell us when to fly, based on your schedule, not ours.
When you become our client, you’ll see that Conte Adriatic  has an unprecedented ability to accommodate last minute travel.
You have the security of knowing you can be there to reassure an important client, business and we are here for you.

Because we fly point-to-point between airports located as close as possible to where you are and where you want to go. You can complete your business and get back home the same day.

If you have flown in a private jet, you know the level of comfort, convenience and luxury it offers. If you have never flown in a private jet, the dream awaits you.
We share your passion for luxury, comfort, performance and individualism. We focus on providing you with the highest-quality service, wherever you are and wherever you need to go.

Our care for you starts the moment your call is answered, and continues from flight booking to the in-flight experience. It only ends once you have reached final destination.

Lunch in Dubrovnik, dinner is Moscow. Everything is possible.

We have landed on more than 280 airports in Europe, Near and middle East. Some of them are: Ancona, Rotterdam, Luxembourg, Brindisi, Moscow, Cannes, Naples, Nice….

We realize your wish. Private flight, VIP transfer…Private flight Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina…