Paklenica National Park

The fundamental phenomenon of the national park are forests. The most famous cave is Manita Cave with a length of 175 metres and an inside temperature of 10 degrees. There is also an ethnological house named Marasović containing preserved accessories and furniture to match the old way of life and its customs. Paklenica is ideal for nature lovers and its most loyal visitors are rock climbers

The most important canyons are Mala and Velika Paklenica.
The Paklenica territory was settled in the old days by hunters and later by cattle breeding farmers. They engaged in raising cattle, they were shepherds and, as a shelter from bad weather, they would take refuge in caves. We can see ruins of hidden religious objects such as chapels and churches.

The fauna is very rich and the most numerous are birds of which there are about 230 species.
Velika and Mala Paklenica canyons belong to the Velebit Mountains and the highest peak of Velebit is Vaganski Summit.

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