Medicinal peloid in Nin

Medicinal mud is located in the centre of Nin`s Lagoon close to the longest and famous sandy beach in Croatia. It is well known Queen`s beach. The site is located in a natural oasis of shallow, sandy and long coasts, far from industrial zones and isolated from direct traffic and main road routes.

Even the old Romanes recognized therapeutic benefits of Nin`s peloid on human health.

Nin is the biggest site of medicinal mud in Croatia, 120 000 m2 in size. High quantities of peloid and specific micro-climate of Nin`s Lagoon enabled starting of organised therapy on the site back in 1965 and they continue also nowadays.

Rehabilitation and mud wrapping is conducted in the Health centre of Nin during summer months: July and August and occasionally in June and September. From the beginning of the clinic in the open archived database shows that more than 15 000 patients went through efficient therapy with Nin`s medicinal mud.

Always fresh and high quality mud is extracted from natural environment and applied on the body. It consists of humus and minerals produced through century old natural process of dissolving of different plants by mixing fresh and salt water in the shallow lagoon.

The therapy starts in the morning hours with group and people put a peloid on their body. Sunbathing on a sandy beach about 30 minutes, until the mud on a body dries. In the end the mud is rinsed and followed by swimming in the warm sea that prolongs the therapy. For increased effect the therapy is repeated twice a day. Peloid therapy lasts minimum 10 and up to 20 days. The effects of peloid are indicated through physical, chemical and mechanical reactions.

Before usage of the medicinal mud, we recommend to consult medicinal staff that will guide you through the mud application.

Indications for Application of Medicinal Mud (peloid):

1. Skin problems

2. Functional disorders and illnesses of rheumatic infections, musculoskeletal system, diseases, different spine deformations..

3. Gynaecology, in treating women infertility.

4. Aesthetic medicine, for improving skin tonus and minimising cellulite.

Come to Nin, old royal town and enjoy summer clinic in the open air on the sea.