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Welcome to Croatia! I recommend you to taste the specialties!


A Dalmatian specialty dish of long-stewed beef which is marinaded with rosemary, vinegar and lemon before being cooked with cloves, ham, nutmeg and lots of red wine. This is real celebration food-and when done well, it is spectacular.

Ispod peke ( “under the bell”)

It is a classic feature on all self-respecting Dalmatian menus. It is not a dish, it is a method of cooking involving slow-cooking under a dome-shaped lid. The distinctive succulent meat, delicious potatoes and all-round juicy flavors are unique.


To try real Croatian prosciutto ham in its home setting, head to Posedarje in Dalmatia where the mountain of Velebit and the dry winter Bura wind create the perfect conditions for production.

Pag lamb

Inhabited by more sheep than humans, the island of Pag produces lamb deeply flavored with the aromatic herbs sheep consume, as is the trademark Pag cheese. Accompanied by local Sutica dry white wine and a digestive of travarica herb brandy, the Pag culinary experience is complete.

Kulen sausage

Slavonian kulen is made by hand from special cuts of top-quality pork sourced from mature pigs and takes nine months to cure naturally . It is dry, spicy and when sliced has the same saturated color and distinctive texture throughout-the only additives are garlic, salt and red paprika.

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