Cultural Tourism

Cultural tourism allows travelers to be immersed in local rituals and routines, taking away not only pretty photos but also shared memories of unique experiences. For destinations, it encourages local communities to embrace their culture and boosts economic growth. Developing culturally geared tourism programs encourages destinations to celebrate and promote what distinguishes their communities, and in doing so, provides the opportunity for authentic cultural exchange between locals and visitors.

Tourism is one of the most powerful – and most often overlooked – tools for promoting economic and social development, in rich and poor countries alike.

In short, tourism is a big business. Thoughtfully developed, it is also, by almost any measure, an environmentally friendly industry. More importantly, it helps to preserve natural resources that might otherwise be depleted, and can help restore resources that have been degraded, by giving them economic value as recreational assets and visitor attractions.

The cultural and cultural-cognitive tourism actually is this form of tourism, which focuses on the cultural environment, which in turn may include cultural and historical sights of a destination or cultural-historical heritage, values and lifestyle of the local population, arts, crafts, traditions and customs of the local population. Furthermore, cultural and cognitive routes may include a visit or participation in cultural activities and events, visit museums, concerts, exhibitions, galleries, etc.

Outer circle represents the secondary elements of cultural tourism, which can be divided into two categories: the life style (elements such as beliefs, cuisine, traditions, folklore and others) and the creativity sector (fashion, design, web and graphical design, cinema, media and entertainment and others).

In Croatia, you will feel a history at every step.

Heritage tourism;
• Art tourism;
• Creative tourism;
• Urban cultural tourism;
• Rural cultural tourism;
• Local cultural tourism;
• Contemporary cultural tourism.

Cultural tourism is characterized by a specific tourist product which is defined as a set (package) of material goods and services offered to culturally motivated tourists, on total price from the moment they left their home until they return back home. It is meant to satisfy the needs of cultural tourists.

We organize visits to festivals, exhibitions, modern attractions, historical and cultural monuments, museums, galleries. We can organize a one day to visit churches, monasteries, lunch on a farm, play the old instrument diple and much more. One day or week. Feel Croatia!

Regardless of natural conditions, we realize your wishes by integrating the best of culture and tourism.