Walking around Hvar

Hvar is the  centre of island’s tourism and one of the favourite destinations in Dalmatian riviera. The natural beauties, a high quality accommodation, courteous people and natural heritage, it is island of Hvar. All cities on  the islands have their own history, but town of Hvar is the oldest town on the island and it is the fairy-tale city. It was founded under its original name of Pharos in 384. B.C.

When you come by ferry on the island and get off the ferry, dozens of old women wave the notice “rooms” in 4 languages. Hvar is a desirable destination. The thing you need to know about town of Hvar is, that there are two kinds of streets. The main  is built in a curve around the harbor. If you’re moving away from the Harbor you’re climbing steps.

The best options for swimming are to take one of the water taxis in the morning to one of the other nearby islands. Clear sea, hidden bays and a peace, it is the most ideal combination.

On the island of Hvar, you can see a  different style of boats. Wooden boats are so functional. Some of the boats are pulled out in dry dock waiting for repairs.

  • On the island you can enjoy excellent cuisine. If you don`t know what is “konoba”, it has received the status of a protected cultural heritage site. The building and its contents have been recognized as an example of the traditional Dalmatian konoba. It’s a great tribute to the care and preservation of the old building and equipment. For the certified authentic konoba, you can visit the Bratanić family konoba in Vrbanj.

One of the delights of Hvar is the variety of aromatic plants that grow naturally here. The island is well-known for its lavender and rosemary.

  • Find a time  to explore some of the paths of the Stari Grad Plain, protected as they are by stone walls.
  • Explore vineyards, Hvar is known for its fine wines. Svirče is known for its terraced vineyards. There’s a combination of natural terracing and constructed dry-stone walls supporting the pockets of soil where the vines are planted.
  • Walk up to Sv Nikola,  that’s the island’s highest peak. As you go higher, the views get more amazing. Island of Brac, mountain of Biokovo…gorgeous.

This is just a small part and other beauties you have to discover. Hvar and Croatia, it is the fairy-tale.

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