The Return to Nature

When you come in Dalmatia, driving a car Adriatic Highway, you will notice the fig trees. The fig is a food of vitality. When we talk about the fig, a Mediterranean tree that gives fruit for more than hundred years, we know that an exquisite experience is waiting for us. It has a rich energy value and figs have always been used as food and symbols.

The fig is a natural phenomenon, that asks for little; rocky sparely land and gives so much. A fruit is special for its taste and its looks. A fig is connected to the rich Dalmatian tradition that for generations has been built by the hands of peasants. Dalmatian women dried the figs whose taste is a mixture of sun rays, sea salt and the smell of aromatic herbs. There are many legends about figs. In the past, they have been a symbol of beauty and fertility. Also, the figs were respected as a source of health because of its nutritious values. Because of its energetic values they have been served served to athletes during the early Olympic games. The fig has a richer bio nutritious composition than any other fruit. Figs are rich with Vitamin E that gives the body oxygen. Its high energetic values diminish the feeling of tiredness, besides, a fig was Cleopatra`s favorite fruit.

Old Dalmatian recipes of fig , they have earned a world honoring.

One of famous fig jam, it is ” Šinjorina Smokva”. It is a brand. Its producers said: “No water, fillers (preservatives, pectin), artificial flavoring or artificial color have been used in this Dalmatian organic fig spread. It is purely made from ripe green figs that are immediately processed after being picked.

The fig festival is growing bigger and bigger every year. It includes a big fair of fig products in the center of Zadar.

Another famous fig jam is “Dida Boža”. It is a brand which produces and distributes natural, healthy and high quality spreads.

Enjoy the taste of nature and tradition, the figs are very precious.