The Istrian white wine Malvazija

Istria, beautiful part of Croatia. It is the largest peninsula of Adriatic. You will see deep valleys , vineyards, olive groves, the fields and the view is splendid. Everything is friendly: people, nature and towns.

In Istria, you can enjoy Merlot, Teran, Muškat and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Istrian Malvazija is the most famous and most sought for sort.

Malvazija has developed as the most recognizable wine in Istria. It has IQ, and it is a sign of quality. It is the brand of the Istrian peninsula.

The Istrian Malvazija sort gives an average strong to very strong wine with alcohol content from 11,5 to 13,5 vol.%. The wine is harmonious, full and round. The specific aroma is reminiscent of the odor of acacia flowers particularly if the grapes are on an elevated and sunny position. Among the fruity aromas apple, apricot and plum dominate, and the mature wine may have a slightly bitter taste of almond. The color ranges from greenish yellow to straw yellow going to golden yellow tones.

For Istrian Malezija is interesting that a wine has its own glass. It is created by Georg  Riedel who is the most famous producer of wine glasses in the world.

The characteristic of Istrian Malvazija is freshness, fruitiness and minerality. It is a synonym for Istrian white wine.

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