Tasting of wine and olive

Enjoy Croatia. Discover our vineyards, taste our oil and wine, groceries from our farm, live healthy.

Near Skradin and NP Krka, a small village with beautiful nature is situated there.

Departure in the morning or afternoon.

The vineyard is in the village of Plastovo. The vineyards are planted just outside the village as well as on the hills above the town of Skradin, bordering the Krka National Park. The unique micro – climate influenced by the Krka River and Adriatic Sea, sitting at 250 meters above sea level and it’s characterized by cool nights and ample warm, sunny days.

The wines are divided into three lines and it depends of location, soil type and practices in viticulture.

The wines from the first line display elegance and freshness. The vineyards planted in rich and fertile soil on the northern slope of the hill above the town of Skradin, bordering the Krka River.

Wine: Debit, Plavina, Lasina Opol

Wines from this line are made from grapes grown in older vineyards on skeletal soil. The vineyards are situated on the top of the hill in Plastovo in a typical Mediterranean climate with cool nights. The low yields, selective picking, painstaking vineyard work and meticulous attention to detail in the cellar make these wines extraordinary.

Wine: Lasina, Marastina, Debit Oya Noya

This line embodies an extremely rocky and low yielding terroir of the southern slope of the hill above Skradin. Typical Mediterranean climate yields heavily concentrated, full bodied wines with an enormous aging potential.

Wine: Tribidrag

You can choose between:

Wine and Oil Tasting
Wine and extra virgin olive oil tasting with homemade bread. 4 wines, 1 liquer, 2 olive oils – Duration about 25 min.

Wines and Bites
Wine and food pairing – groceries from our and other family farms. Homemade bread, vegetable and spices from our garden. Our extra virgin olive oil in every meal.

This tasting option includes:

3 wines, 1 liqueur, snacks plate – 45 minutes


5 wines, 1 liquer, 6 snacks in courses – duration 1,5 h

Taste of home

Unique eno-gastro experience. Food courses inspired by tradition and made from local groceries are perfectly paired with the wines. The presentation is done by the winemaker himself. (small group only)

This tasting option includes four wines, one liqueur, 5 food courses – 2h.


6 wines, 1 liquer, 7 food courses – 3h

Transport by air-conditioned minivan or helicopter.

If you have any inquiry we will be happy to help.

Also, we make Helicopter – panorama flight of vineyards, small island Visovac, NP Krka