Savudrija Lighthouse

Savudrija lighthouse is the oldest lighthouse in the Adriatic, built in 1818. It is also the northernmost Croatian lighthouse, situated right next to Slovenian border and only 56 km south of Italian town Trieste.


The nearest tourist center and famous destination for tennis lovers – Umag, is situated only 9 km away. The lighthouse Savudrija also has a good traffic connection with the surrounding area. Its light signal can be seen from up to 17 NM or 32 kilometers distance, its building is 36 meters tall and there is a keeper living inside it. Guests have one 4-bed apartment at their disposal. The sea is 30 meters away and there are many restaurants near the facility.
The lighthouse has a fenced garden with Mediterranean plants characteristic for this green part of Istria. Lighthouse Savudrija is for people who prefer a different holiday. Savudrija lighthouse is one of Croatian lighthouses to spend your vacation.


There are 30 meters of lush green garden with Mediterranean plants between the lighthouse and the stony beach in front of it. Favorable winds and mild sea currents are excellent for sea sports like windsurfing, and the clear sea and its clear bottom is wonderful for diving.
Beaches are open for all tourists. Discover Lighthouse Savudrija.


Savudrija has a good traffic connection to the rest of the Istrian peninsula. It is situated on a regional road St. Martin – Savudrija – Umag – Buje. The lighthouse Savudrija is only 9 km away from the center of Umag from which there is a road leading right to the parking lot in front of it.


All supplies are available in many town stores. It is easy to come from Savudrija lighthouse to town store.


According to available information and local stories, Savudrija lighthouse  was built by count Meternich in 1818 for a beautiful Croatian noble lady with whom he fell in love at a Viennese ball. Unfortunately, the owners never got the chance to live together in the building: the noble woman died on the day the lighthouse was finished and count Meternich never visited it again. Savudrija lighthouse is the lighthouse with its own story.


5 apartments, with the keeper, heated.

Apartment A2 * * *

Studio approx. 30 m2, kitchen/bedroom (15 m2), hall (9 m2), bathroom (6 m2).

Apartment is for 2 persons.

Apartment A3 E * * *

Apartment is for 3 persons.

Approx. 50 m2, double bedroom (16 m2), living room/kitchen (15 m2), bathroom (8 m2), hall (10m2)

Apartment A3 W * * *

It is for 3 persons.

Approx. 45 m2, double bedroom (13 m2), living room/kitchen (13 m2), bathroom (6 m2), hall (10m2).

Apartment A4 * * *

It is for 4 persons.

Approx. 75 m2, two double rooms (17 and 13 m2),

Kitchen (12 m2), anteroom (11 m2), bathroom (5 m2), separate WC (2m2), closet (3m2).

NEW – apartment A5 Sky for 5 persons – is a new apartment on the top floor, luxuriously furnished, each room has a bathroom, an area of 120 m2, with a spacious living room of 50 m2, air conditioning, free Wi-Fi internet.