Poetry evening and Korcula

If you don`t know where is Korcula, Korcula is an island in the Adriatic Sea, in the south part of Croatia. It is the sixth largest Adriatic island.

When you go to spend your vacation, you think about bathing, diving, surfing, cycling….but on the island of Korcula, you will find something different. The organizers of the Island Festival called it Šušur ( hustle and bustle), they offer to their guests and other islanders something new.

You should come on the eleventh day of August to Trepoca Terrace and if you think that is Moyen Age, you are wrong. Every year, the Festival changes its place. There, you can listen  verses pronounced by their authors. It is an occasion to show your creativity and demonstrate flexibility. Participants speak into a circling microphone in two series. Authors from Korcula, regional authors and ” travelling” poets are welcome.

The others look and give their support applauding at this unique artistic performance. There are no age limits, you don`t pay, you can listen free of charge, you don`t need a reservation.

The festival is well visited and every year there is someone more who wants to say his verses.

Poetry making started in 2008. to bring poetry closer to the audience.

Old and young, beginners, well-known, hard working….they exercise their imagination.

This festival has introduced until now 1 000 poets. The festival is well visited, dynamic and there is no limits.

When you come this year on Korcula, don`t miss Šušur!!

Next year, on the other place..

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