Paradise of Bisevo

Paradise for sailors and all nature lovers, it is the island of Bisevo.

The island of Bisevo is a small Croatian island and it is situated 5 km south-west from the island of Vis. This island is recognizable with its cliffs and caves,  its untouched nature and its hidden bays and beautiful sand beaches.

It is a small island and it is possible to walk it or ride a bike. It has a population of 15 people. The island of Bisevo is paradise for people who like untouched nature, hidden bays, tranquility and vacation without stress and crowd. Also, Blue cave attracts tourists from around the world to visit Bisevo.

How to get and what to do in Bisevo?

If you want to visit the Blue Cave, you need to go to the bay of Mezuporat. From there you can buy a ticket for a small boat that will take you to the Blue Cave. It costs around €7-10€. You can also take a boat in Murter, Brac, Hvar, Split…The cave is quite small so you’ll probably stay inside for only 10 minutes. Unfortunately, swimming in the cave is not allowed. Take your photo and make beautiful pictures.

The Blue Cave was known to Croatians for centuries it was not possible to enter the cave without having to dive until 19th century. In 1884 a small entrance was blasted out with dynamite. The next year, the Austrian Baron Eugen Ransonnet published an article about magical beauty of the Blue Cave. Tourists came to see the Blue Cave and  beautiful blue colours that sun produces inside the cave.

If you’re sailing down the Croatian coast, Biševo is a perfect place to explore for its bays and beautiful sand beaches. If you’re hungry there are two restaurants where you can have a drink and taste the freshest seafood. (mussels, lobster..)

On the island there is a church which dates back to the 16th century.

If you really want to enjoy your privacy and move away from the crowd, go to the hidden beach of Salbunara. It is only 10 minutes walk from Porat. Salbunara is a smaller sandy beach with only a few local people. It’s the perfect place to relax and sunbath.

The island of Bisevo is not only famous for its Blue Cave. If you’re looking for a perfect beach with a lot of sun, untouched nature and to get away from the crowd, the island of Bisevo is the paradise you’ve been looking for.

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