Panorama flight NP Plitvice and Zrmanja river

Panorama flight Plitvice and the canyon of Zrmanja. Do you want something different, do you want visit National Park Plitvice from the air and the canyon of Zrmanja river?

Book your flight, take your camera and make the most beautiful photos. You will see each part and even more than you expect.

Plitvice Lakes National Park contains beautiful lakes, waterfalls and caves. The lake system is divided into the upper and lower lakes: the upper lakes lie in a dolomite valley and are surrounded by thick forests and interlinked by numerous waterfalls; the lower lakes, smaller and shallower, lie on the limestone bedrock and are surrounded only by sparse underbrush.

Canyon of Zrmanja, amazing canyon, emeraldine water, most high water fall. Canyon is one of the most beautiful in Europe.

This panorama flight is for 1-4 persons. Book your flight, enjoy Plitvice lakes and the canyon of Zrmanja.

Take with you best memories from Croatia.

Departure from Zadar.


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