Piper Cheyenne

Piper Cheyenne Air is multi engine turbine. Choose your destination in Croatia and flight. If you have business trip, taxi transfer, Piper Cheyenne offers everything you want.

If you want a lunch in Venice, diner in Barcelona, we fulfill your desires.

Top Speed: 261 knots (483 km/h) Cruise Speed: 247 knots

Fuel Capacity: 366 gallons (1385 lit)
Range: 861 miles (1594 km)

Rate Of Climb: 1,750 feet
Rate of Climb (One Engine): 440 feet
Service Ceiling: 28,200 feet
Ceiling (One Engine): 13,750 feet

Piper Cheyenne is for 6 people.

For your business trip, without waiting, call and make a reservation for your flight. Airplane or helicopter, save your time.

Our care for you starts the moment your call is answered, and continues from flight booking to the in-flight experience. It only ends once you have reached final destination.

Getting to your destination will be pleasurable and stress free.

Service, reliability and privacy and the top priority is always passenger safety.

Price on demand
Max people6
Jet typeAirplane

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