Cessna 525A CJ2

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It’s a plane Cessna 525A CJ2, and this model can carry seven passengers, has about 30% longer range and 15% higher speed, which makes it very popular among clients.

Capacity: 2 pilots (captain + copilot) i 7 passengers
Engine power: 2 x 8,74 kN (1960 lb) of thrust
Cruising speed: 700 – 800 km/h (380 – 430 kt)
Maximum take off weight: 5600 kg
Length: 14,53 m
Wing span: 15,19 m
Height: 4,27 m
Maximum flight height: 13500 m (FL 450)

Getting to your destination will be pleasurable and stress free.

Service, reliability and privacy and the top priority is always passenger safety.

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Price on demand
Max people7
Jet typeAirplane

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