Health and Medical Tourism

Conte Adriatic is established to promote and offer the health and medical tourism.

Croatia as a destination for the health/medical tourism? Why? Primarily for natural regeneration of your health. Wealth of nature and clean environment can witness that. Sea water and air, Therapeutic herbs, thermal and mineral springs, rivers and lakes, mountainous regions and islands that provide peace and tranquility, are only some of the prerequisites that enable physical and mental recovery of man.

Medical tourism, as the synonym of the terms patient, clinic, tourism and health, describes the movement of the patients in countries outside the place of their residence for the use of medical services in Croatia. Reasons for the existence of medical tourism are multiple, and they are interwoven, thus creating a complete package of the necessary medical and travel factors, and the optimal relations between the price and the service.

Why Croatia? Optimal relations between the price and medical service. Croatia is one of the countries that offer high quality health services at very affordable prices, where the level of quality and expertise match the standards of Western Europe. Highly respected fields of medicine in this region are: dentistry, dermatology, orthopedics, rehabilitation and physical therapy in various rheumatic and respiratory diseases. Also, other fields of medicine such as: plastic surgery, ophthalmology, venereology, alternative medicine and other. Price of services, depending on the content of the treatment or procedure, can be much cheaper than the same services and procedures in other Western European countries.

Our goal is to promote an individual approach to the customer and also offer, “All Inclusive” offer, that in the health aspect includes a carefully selected network of top healthcare facilities: from clinics, hospitals, internationally qualified doctors and specialists, body care and wellness facilities to travel organizations, transfers and accommodation.

Accomplishment of this mission is the goal of our professional & reliable team with extensive experience in the field of tourism & health which are organized into several fields:

– Selection of our business partners
– Creation of package-arrangements
– Consulting and realization

Conte Adriatic will refer you to the right place.