Different colors of the island of Pag

Where is the best thing to spend your vacation?
The island of Pag offers a different  picture. Sparse vegetation, rocky landscape and almost the entire surface of the island of Pag is covered with salt from the mountain of Velebit, carried by strong wind (bura). The visitors of Pag and Croatia will be able to discover a culture, gastronomy, history and all interesting little things.

The island of Pag is famous for its lamb (paška janjetina). It has a specific taste due to its surrounding in which the sheep lives and feeds. It is a rocky environment where a sheep graze on the salt grass and salt is carried by the wind.

The cheese of Pag is famous in the world. The cheese is recognized by its mild, salty taste and light color, whereas aged cheese is piquant, hard and its color is brownish.

The salt-pan of Pag has been the most northern salt-pan in Croatia (since the 16th century).

One of the specificity of the Pag, it is lace of Pag. (paška čipka).

The carnival of Pag is held in summer and winter. It includes a specific dance, called “Paško kolo” (wheel dance)

One of ACI Marinas in Croatia is the ACI Marina Šimuni which  is located on the western side of the island of Pag. It is in the middle of the island (11 km from Novalja and 12 km from Pag). The marina has 221 berths at sea as well as 55 dry berths. In marina, you will find all you need: restaurants, stores, sales points, internet WLAN can be used in the entire of marina. I can tell, love the sea, it is a way of life.

The village of Šimuni was named after Šimun Fabijanić who built the first shepherd huts in the small port.

Marina Šimuni is ideal for nautical tourism.

Explore our coast as well as its most hidden areas. Let every day be different. Enjoy being on a deck away from the city noise.

Feel the pleasure to explore the sea, winds and marine life in a different way.

Enjoy ACI Šimuni and  Pag which is one of the leading tourist destinations.

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