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Novalja is number1 place due to the beauty and distinctiveness of its beaches, its preserved landscapes, entertainment and nightlife, the quality of its cultural and historical sites, the multitude of facilities for sports and recreation.

  • Novalja has a long  and interesting history, starting with the numerous archaeological findings. You can find there Christian basilicas from the 4th and 5th centuries; the remains of the floor mosaic. One of the basilicas can be found within the Gothic church of Our Lady of the Rosary in the centre of  town. Numerous fragments of church furniture and the  other are preserved in an archaeological collection called Stomorica. The Reliquary is also very valuable.
  • In archaeological terms, the area of Caska is very interesting. A unique aqueduct dating back to the 1st century is one of the most interesting and valuable localities in the area. This one-of-a-kind Roman aqueduct, popularly known as the Italian’s Hole, supplied Novalja with water from the Novalja fields. Novalja has  cultural and ethnological heritage.

The Novalja Summer Culture Festival starts right before Antonja, on the St. Martin’s Day (13 of June), which also marks Novalja Day. This spectacle is filled with cultural, artistic, entertainment and sporting events…
The event is infused with numerous attractions and other smaller events – art exhibitions, concerts, performances, folk groups, promotions and book selling exhibitions, plays, outdoor cinema, popular music concerts, shows, etc.

The Era Gallery takes a special place in the Novalja Summer Culture Festival since it has been hosting summer exhibitions of renowned local and foreign artists.

The popular “Nakant Music Festival on the island of Pag” has been taking place since 2003 at around 25 November, the feast of St. Catherine’s, the patron of the parish of Novalja. Nakant singing is a traditional two-voiced folk singing style, with singing duos from all over the island taking part in it. The groups Navalia (male) and Murtelice (female) nurture the original Dalmatian klapa songs (traditional a capella singing). Special value is given to Liturgical singing, whose richness is particularly evident in the religious rites of Holy Week (from Palm Sunday to Easter)

  • The Novalja cuisine, as part of the Mediterranean cuisine, will offer you a true gastronomic experience.

When you visit Novalja, you will not miss one of the many restaurants. From the menus of tastefully decorated restaurants, you can taste  famous local specialties such as cheese, lamb, needle macaroni, curd strudel, the Novalja brodit (fish stew), various salads, risotto and boiled or grilled fish. You’ll also feel all the magic of the Mediterranean cuisine.

Country Croatia
Languages spokencroatian
Currency usedHRK

Sports & nature

If you are a fan of the deep and beautiful underwater scenery, contact one of the diving centers in Novalja and Stara (Old) Novalja. Novalja fields are criss-crossed with long bicycle trails that pass between the numerous vineyards. Cycling these trails in peace and quiet, you'll experience the beauty of this area in a unique way. Rock climbers can enjoy climbing the steep part of the St. Vid peak or the cliffs above the Ručica beach, on the northwest side of Pag Bay. Sports and nature image

Nightlife info

Novalja is number1 due to the nightlife.Nightlife image

Culture and history info

At the heart of the town is the parish Church of St. Catherine's, which has distinguished architectural features. The Church of Our Lady of the Rosary, also known as the Little Church, is located at the center of Novalja and it was built in the 17th century on the foundation of an early Christian basilica. Famous dance is "tanac".Culture and history image
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Hotel Boškinac

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