Dental tourism

Using the the highest and the most famous quality materials, a professional team will achieve the latest dental procedures following modern technology.

Use a high quality service and repair your teeth at a lower price, and at the same time spend a holiday in Croatia.

We are offering all in one place, dental package to patients which includes professional dental work at special prices. With this package you have an opportunity to visit the beautiful Croatia coast, and return from your vacation with the beautiful and healthy smile.

In our dental tourism package you will find:

Free Consultation – The first step is to give a free, professional and complete evaluation of your dental condition and propose you the best solution regarding to your needs and problems.

Treatment agreement – After a consultation, we will determine the length of treatment, as well as the date and time to come. You’ll get the best offer available.

Travel, accommodation and transportation arrangements – Weather you come from Croatia or travel from abroad, our services include travel and accommodation arrangements to Croatia in our Hotels with inclusion of free transportation services from the airport, and transportation services to the centre.

Enjoying your stay to Croatia, rest your body and soul in the beautiful and attractive town, Zadar or Zagreb.
Returning home with happy smile – Return home healthier and happier with new smile. We give you a guarantee for a work and we take care for you even after the treatment with recommendation for regular yearly checkup.