Happy Gay travel

Galešnjak f

Gay Sail we organize gay sailing cruises for gay guys of all ages. We sail throughout the islands of Croatia and hidden quiet bays. We also organize private cruises. The Dalmatian coast of Croatia has over 1000 beautiful islands. You can join us one or two weeks, one day and every week or day we offer a different itinerary….

One day Veli Iz Cruise

Veli Iz

When you start planning your sailing vacation, you can decide to visit island of Iz. (Veli Iž and Mali Iž) Explore Veli Iž , Kukljica and spend all day, just you and sea. Departure from Zadar. It is situated in Zadar archipelago. Ten islets and cliffs in close proximity to Iž Island will entice you to…

Explore Kornati islands

Yacht paluba

When you start planning your sailing vacation there is only one choice. Explore Kornati islands with your friends. Maximum 10 people on the yacht. Departure from Zadar. The Kornati National Park covers the bigger part of the Kornati waters. It has interesting geomorphology, coast, rich submarine eco-system and the islands of Kornati were made as…