Monastery Ostrog

Cut into a cliff, this spectacular Montenegro monastery near Niksic has centuries of fascinating history… like the Ostrog Monastery miracles. It is a place where miracles happen.

Departure from Croatia/Montenegro/Bosnia, by van, plane or helicopter.

You have a time to visit this holy place. When you buy candles, you will get holy water and oil.

We’ll also organize a lunch in a typical Montenegrin restaurant.

In a cliff face 900 m above the Zeta valley, the gleaming white Ostrog Monastery is the most important site in Montenegro for Orthodox Christians, attracting up to a million visitors annually.

It is considered to be one of the most significant monasteries in the Balkans and the most visited Orthodox shrine in Europe.

This isn’t any ordinary cave, though. The walls are painted with frescoes from many years ago, there’s a small altar in one corner and in front of it is a priest giving blessings. It is a special moment to be face to face with the human representative of the divine spirit of Ostrog Monastery.

The Lower Monastery (Donji manastir) is 2 km below the main shrine. Stop here to admire the vivid frescoes in the Holy Trinity Church (Crkva Sv Trojice; 1824). Behind it is a natural spring where you can fill your bottles with deliciously cold, sweet water.

The Upper Monastery (Gornji manastir; the really impressive one) is dubbed “Sv Vasilije’s miracle”, because no one seems to understand how it was built. Constructed in 1665 within two large caves, it gives the impression that it has grown out of the very rock. Sv Vasilije (St Basil), a bishop from Hercegovina, brought his monks here after the Ottomans destroyed Tvrdoš Monastery near Trebinje.

Much of the present look of the cave monastery complex dates from a 1923-1926 renovation after a fire. The monastery was seriously damaged in the blaze, but luckily two of the original cave chapels were spared and remain in their original condition.

When it comes to the monastery miracles there are many of them that are truly amazing. The first miracle, among many of Ostrog miracles, is the unbelievable Ostrog monastery location and how it was built in an almost vertical background, high up in the large rock.

During the II World War, in February of 1942., the German army bombed the Ostrog monastery in Montenegro with one grenade from a cannon which hit a stone wall above the Upper Monastery, shattered the door to the Church of the Holy Cross, but did not explode. The grenade crashed into two parts.

You can hear a lot of testimony of people.

There is a lot of testimony, and Ostrog is unique.

What I could say for Ostrog, you should really visit this holy place.

The Monastery of Ostrog is peace in the soul. Peace will remain in your heart forever.

We’ll organize this tailor made together.

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