Big game fishing

If you are an adventurous person, fan of an active holiday and a passionate fisherman, it is for you.
If you want to experience the true adrenaline and feel the spirit of the sea and fighting with very large fish, then choose for big game fishing. Fishing trip full of adrenaline, an unforgettable fishing trip, the unspoiled nature of middle Dalmatian islands, islets and reefs, crystal clear sea, big game fishing can start.

The boat is a luxurious Antares 10.80, fully equipped for big game fishing, above all for the drifting method – hunting tunas, swordfish, sharks, but as well absolutely adequately equipped for trolling smaller species of tuna and little tunnies with nine and more rods. This boat is the absolute killer regarding fishing with the jigging method for Greater amberjack. But what is more, thanks to its comfort and luxurious equipment, the boat offers unforgettable impressions, not only regarding the fish hunt, but also regarding the cruising and the stay afloat.

The boat is French brand BENETEAU, overall lengths 11 m and 3,50 m width. The boat speed is maximum 27 knots, for the cruising speed is regularly 18 knots. It has a spacious cockpit and is fully equipped for BIG GAME FISHING (electronic devices for the fish detection, 5 complete fishing tackles – rods and reels – of 80 lbs and 30 lbs, fighting chair…). Jigging equipment, Shimano reels and jigging master rods and also spinning reels are an important piece of equipment. This boat offers comfort and the possibility for 4-5 fishermen and the crew to enjoy the fishing (represents the optimal number of members). Interior: large lounge, kitchen, WC + shower (hot water), two rooms, four beds (2+2). Boat crew consists of captain and sailor.

The complete fishing tackle and baits are available on the boat. But you can use your personal equipment if you like.

“March, April and May (3rd, 4th, 5th) are the best spring months for all fish species, especially for hunting big Bluefin tuna, trolling for little tunnies, jigging for Common sea breams and Greater amberjacks.”, says our Captain.

June (6th) is the best month for fishing small and medium sized tuna with the popping method and other techniques. It is also o good time for jigging for Common seabreams and some other fish species.”

The Bluefin tuna is the most attractive fish, as tunas are present in large numbers over the whole year and they weigh up to 500 kilograms.

It is important to add that tuna is not the only one of interesting species for big game fishing in the Adriatic Sea. The Greater amberjack is a popular fish hunted with jigging technique from the beginning of the year until spring (20th of March).

The month of April is right for little tunas moving in shoals and with an average weight of 10-15 kg. This period offers great possibilities for a rich catch. The end of May and beginning of June its shark hunting season (blue sharks and thresher sharks). The tunas follow great albacore tuna shoals with an average weight of 10-15 kg; lately, with the sea temperature rising, more and more dorados can be found. That’s at the same time the best fishing season (from August to November), where the chances for a big catch is very high! Of course, it should be mentioned that the fishing seasons mostly depend on the sea temperature, the concentration of small blue fish and the salinity (depending on rainfall and inflow of sweet water).

July, August, September, October and November (7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th) is the best time for hunting great tunas, sharks, swordfish, big mahi-mahi fish, albacore tuna, Common dentex and other fish.

Because of its unpredictability and uncertainty till the finish, BIG GAME FISHING offers new challenges, where you can prove your team work skills and demonstrate your fighting spirit – a truly active vacancy!

Fish hunted on the Adriatic: bluefin tuna, swordfish , broadbill, blue shark, treshershark.

From 8.00. – 18.00

For 3-5 persons. In the price: fuel,fishing permit, equipment, drink

Big game fishing is for a passionate fisherman.

information and reservation: [email protected]