Whose is Mrduja?

Mrduja is an uninhabited island in Dalmatia. It is located in the Adriatic Sea, between the islands of Brač and Šolta.

The inhabitants of Šolta and Brač, they wont appropriates Mrduja for themselves.

Two neighbouring islands have been  “fighting”  over the third island-Mrduja. They try to find an answer to the question: “Whose is Mrduja”?

The event “Potezanje Mrduje” (pulling Mrduja) is maintained in summer (August) , and in pulling Mrduja with ropes they try to find an answer about Mrduja. It is a big attraction for the tourists and the audience. The organizers claim that Mrduja was pulled using a three hundred meters long rope from both sides by around 400 different boats.

After 20 minutes of pulling and tugging on both sides, it is decided who is the winner. This year the winner is island of Šolta. They celebrated their victory by shouting: ” Mrduja is ours”, jumping into the sea from their boats and singing.

Last year the winner was Brač.

The legend says: “Either the rope will be stretched or Mrduja will be pulled” still remains unconfirmed and wrapped in a veil of secrecy.

The fight was interesting and Šolta fought to the “last drop of wine”.

This is an unique event and a true spectacle and there is not another place in the world where two parties try to get possession of an island by pulling it with ropes.

Who will be the winner next year, we`ll see.

Plan your holiday around the time when the Mrduja pulling is held.

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