Wine roads of Erdut

Erdut is located in Osijek-Baranja County and it has the natural beauty of the area. To the Erdut`s vineyards will lead you through the four corners of the world, from Zagreb, Belgrade, Budapest and Sarajevo. It is the area between the rivers Danube and Drava rivers, it extends the Pannonian plains and you will see the outline of Vukovar and Vinkovci. It has only 158 square kilometers and has the status of a protected landscape. The generations have been working there since Roman time. The area between Aljmaš-Erdut -Dalj, it is a fertile area.

This area with Erduts`s vineyards has also three vineyards: Feričanci, Đakovo vineyard and Baranja. There are even 12 wine routes where their place found over 100 small and large winemakers.

The steep slopes of the northern side 170 meters above sea level. This place we can recommend in the fertile vineyards in Croatia. On the wine road of Erdut`s vineyards, it is registered (for now), nine wineries and Wine Museum “Teutoburgium” which is recently open. Teutoburgium was the Roman name of this place.

Traminac, Kadarka, but the red and white Sauvignon Blanc, Muscat Ottonel, Merlot, Vranac, Green Silvaner, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, they are one of the famous wines from Erdut.

Welcoming and cheerful Slavonians take every opportunity to enjoy a special, festive nourishing and sweet dishes. They will always offer some of the excellent smoked meat products like kulen, bacon, sausage, ham, boiled švargla … The most famous dish of this region is a cooked stew of lamb or mutton, as well as perkelt, kind of stew with a lot of ground red pepper. For lovers of easier food, they will prepare a dish of river fish such as the legendary fish or fish carp on the grill. Pepper is an essential seasoning for fresh cheese. Every Slavonian table is incomplete without milk, butter, whey and cream. Particularly favorite dish is  satrić. It is  the fresh cheese with sour cream, chopped onions and pounded dried red pepper. In Slavonian cuisine you will find influences taste of Vienna and Budapest, primarily venison saved with tasty sauces, marinades and stuffing.

They will offer also a hospitality.

The region of Erdut, it is an oasis of greenery, good wine and hospitality and you are welcome.

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