Traditionelle Messe in Benkovac

Every 10th of the month, the fair takes place in Benkovac and it became the biggest in Dalmatia.

Benkovac is 40 km from Zadar.

Early morning, it is hard to wake up, but I know that I have to get up. It is the best to came earlier, about 8 am because after, there is a big traffic and it is impossible to find a place for car.  Ok, I decided to go, I promised  although I would rather get to sleep. It is Sunday and a big occasion to sleep and dream.

Approaching to the town of Benkovac, I see a lot of cars and it is a sign that it will be “crazy”. The fair is held in the open air. There, you will not see macho man, owner of hotel, “face” like Mr Big from Sex and the city”, you will see only crowded and inhabitants of the Dalmatian hinterland. More than 10 000 people go up and down and foreign tourists are surprised. There, you can buy everything:  from “needle to locomotive”. Locals come to buy cattle and tools for everyday use. You can buy also garlic, Chinese cloths, fruits, honey, vegetables, wine, brandy..

I like it because it is colorful and helps to relax without stress. In one place you will see donkeys, cows, chickens, ducks, pigeons, pigs..

I hear: “Michael”, “Ronaldo” be quiet!!  I turn and look, Michael is a horse and Ronaldo is a pig. Owner is proud of his animals.

“Meat, lamb, meat…” No visit to Benkovac fair is complete without enjoying lunch. You will eat roasted lamb, čevapčići, pljeskavice. It is delicious!!

In Benkovac you will see traditionculture of Dalmatian hinterland. It is not important if you come in January, April or December, each fair is special and unique. Loud people, animals, food, it is a traditional fair in Benkovac and it is a breath of Dalmatia.

Don`t forget, every 10th of the month, Benkovac is ready for its fair!!

It was great but let`s go home to sleep!

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