The unique beauty of Lastovo

I prefer Croatian`s islands, each of them is different with its own story. Some of them are away from land, in a remote area where you have your time for yourself. The Lastovo islands is a combination of wild vegetation and crystal blue sea. Lastovo is an amazing combination of wild nature, extremely dense vegetation, numerous bays with crystal clear water. There are numerous bays. The Saplun bay has the beautiful sandy beach and if you have a little boat ride, it is an occasion to enjoy the nature beauty. You can enjoy excellent bike paths, the perfect view points such as the one on the hill Hum.

The Lastovo Islands is the unique archipelago with its 46 islands. The islands have at least light pollution so here come scientists to study the night sky.

Jurjeve port is famous port where once was stationed JNA army. Today,  sailors come there in the deep and steady wave to bathe and relax.

I love Lastovo and I would  recommend you take a walk and look at the unique Lastovo chimneys. All of them are different. They are trademark of the island of Lastovo and they are recognizable. The houses on Lastovo are also beautiful. The old houses are structurally very similar to Dubrovnik villas.

When you discover the Lastovo islands, explore the islands, enjoy nature but not to miss visit Mrčara. This area is proclaimed as a Park of Nature.The untouched remarkable nature, rich flora and fauna, rich forest and machia, rosemary, it is Mrčara. There, you feel like you are on a lake isolated from civilization because Mrčara is surrounded with several islands and islets. There is no electricity on the island. Goats, chicken, mutton feed only on grass. The hosts will offer you with “travarica” (herb brandy), “orahovica-(walnut brandy ) and grappa. On daily menu you can find crabs, fresh fish, shell fish and traditional meat dishes. In the restaurant, the guests enjoy preparation of  traditional dishes of Lastovo.

Explore the Undersea World. The waters around the island of Lastovo are one of the richest fish areas of the Adriatic Sea. It is a true paradise for undersea life admirers.

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