The Fairytale of Rastoke

Small town of Rastoke is  situated along the river of Slunjčica. The richness of  greenery, nature, waterfalls like Buk, Hrvoje and Vilina kosa are very attractive. We could tell that Rastoke are immovable cultural monument. The blue-green waters of the river Slunjcica slowly flow into the river of Korana.

This place has its own legend. Once,  the mills were working there and there was milling a maize. The legend  says that the fairies came at night and took the horses of the millers, and the next day, the horses will be returned. During this time, the millers were working at night. In the morning, the fairies would dance around the river, performing their magical dance.

In Rastoke you can see the mill from the 18th century. The mills were used to grind the oats, corn, rye …. They were built on the edge of the land and the people put the dam.

There, the old crafts are not forgotten. In Rastoke you can see the traditions of the past.

For Rastoke we can say that it is the watermill village. The houses were built in the late of 19th and early of 20th. The main building material was wood and lime stone. This small village is beautiful in all seasons. In summer,  everything is full of sun, in the spring, everything is green. In autumn, forest is rich with chestnut, forest fruits, apples, the leaves change color, in winter everything is covered with a snow and you will hear the sound of water. You decide what is the best. Clean air, beautiful scenery and beautiful landscape.

Rastoke offer an excellent cuisine. One of the traditional dishes is masnica. It should knead and roll out the dough, mix the eggs, cheese and a little sugar and spread over the dough. Wrap, brush with oil, put in a round tin pan brushed with oil and bake at 180. It is Lika`s specialty.

Rastoke, it’s a game of color and nature.

Rastoke, Lika and Croatia, it is a dream of beauty.

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