Summer, beautiful day, beautiful beach and Croatia.
Today, I am on Saharun, wonderful beach on the Croatian island of Dugi Otok. I prefer summer, swimming, sailing, good food…I am sitting under umbrella and it is a life; without stress, there is no building. I feel a pleasure in myself!!  I can make like a lizard.

If you want to know where is Saharun, it is in the Zadar archipelago, Croatia. The sea is  turquoise-blue, the beach is sandy and ideal for families with small children. From June to September, there are two beach bars.  A small train runs the 4km stretch from Božava to Saharun.  Božava is in a bay surrounded by pine trees and it is located on the northwest side of Dugi otok. Dugi Otok is 45km in length and between 1km and 4 km in breadth.

Why people prefer Saharun?

All-day and all-night you can enjoy in  beach parties and it never gets overcrowded. Saharun is a favorite of everyone.

Take a cocktail in hand and enjoy!

Are you ready now to discover Saharun and Croatia?