Peljesac and taste of wine

Peljesac Peninsula is the largest peninsula in Dalmatia. It  stretches in the southeast – northwest direction. The position of the peninsula is a prerequisite for the south slopes to receive a large quantity of sun and it is favorable for the cultivation of Plavac mali. The dry terrain is covered with macchia in the north and  it is covered with vineyards, olive and fruit trees in the south. The Peljesac Peninsula is famous in agricultural business, especially in wine making.  Dingac and Postup wine from Peljesac are appreciated throughout Croatia and Peljesac vineyards.

When you come on the Peljesac Peninsula it includes wine tasting. 

The wine production has a long history in Peljesac. The hectares of vineyards are  interspersed by olive trees throughout the Peljesac peninsula. They are  concentrated in the southeast. The most celebrated wine is Dingac and it is produced around Potomje. The red wines are Postup and Plavac mali.

The wine cellars aren’t hard to find. There’s only one main road running through the Peljesac peninsula and the cellars are all well signed. It all looks like Burgundy in France. Endless vineyards, plenty of sun; it is Peljesac Peninsula and Croatia.

  • Winery  Grgic

This is Peljesac’s  and Croatia’s the  most famous winery. Miljenko Grgic is famous for his California winery, Grgich Hills. Premium wines are placed in big tanks imported from California to insure a cold fermentation. Grgic Plavac mali and Grgic Posip cost more  than other wines of Peljesac. You can find them on the wine lists of Croatia’s most prestigious restaurants.

  • Winery  Bartulovic

The business is in the family more than 480-years. Mario Bartulovic  is the only producer on the Peljesac peninsula of  rosé. The Bartulovic property includes a winery, a wine cellar with a wine shop.

  • Winery  Matusko

It is in Potomje. You can choose between Dingac, Postup, Plavac mali, Rukatac and Chardonnay. Wines are excellent.

  • Winery  Vukas

The winery is in Ponikve. The Vukas family has been in the wine business for over 100 years.

  • Winery  Milos

It is situated in Ponikve. The family Milos has a big tradition.

Croatia now produces up to 700 wines, some of excellent quality.

Peljesac and winery, it is a good choice to discover one part of Croatia and enjoy wines and beautiful villages.

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