Often described as a jewel in the Adriatic, Croatia is rapidly gaining popularity as a destination for tourists seeking something different from the usual Mediterranean holiday. Ecotourism options in Croatia are subtle, but strong.

Eco-tourists have numerous options on Croatia’s coastline and also in the expansive network of national parks and forests throughout the country. A wide array of small-scale, family-owned hotels, farmers markets and a growing green scene, as well as a strong nationwide public transportation system, make this a viable green destination.

Local gastronomic cuisine is offered and you will feel like blending in with nature without the urban rush.

Croatia is known for its food and wine.  Gastro tourism in Croatia is an integral part of the industry, and one of the most sustainable ways to get involved with the locals and their delicious culinary culture. Truffles are plentiful in Istria, as are wine-producing grapes, and other gastronomic marvels. In Dubrovnik, seafood is king, dominating the cuisine, with delicious shellfish and squid-ink risotto making frequent menu appearances. Organic produce grown on eco-estates is becoming increasingly common in the Croatian marketplace and on tourists plates, through supply partnerships with hotels and other tourism businesses.

Croatia isn’t particularly well known for its wine either. Why? Simple – it doesn’t really export it, but just because they don’t send it abroad, doesn’t mean it isn’t delicious. In fact, Croatian wine is very good, and very reasonably priced. One of the best ways to be sustainable and engage in ecotourism while in Croatia is to drink and eat the local produce, because it supports local economies and decreases the necessity to import products primarily for tourist consumption. By feasting on fantastic seafood and sipping their spectacular wines, travelers can ensure they are supporting locals, while further enriching their cultural experience.

Agriculture is still a major part of life in Croatia. Locally grown goods are on display in farmers markets around the country. Two of the larger options for buying fresh produce are the Zagreb Farmers Market and Dubrovnik Farmers Market. By the roadside you can see the locals to sale their products. (onions, watermelons, tomatoes, potatoes..)

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We will spend one day on a farm, feel rural life as it once was. Feel Dalmatia.

Enjoy the atmosphere among the local people and enjoy the unspoilt area. Choose between rural tourism, nature tourism, agro tourism and Robinson tourism.