My weekend sailing

I prefer sea, sailing, diving, tennis, ride a bike, climbing, I prefer a challenge and a nature. My business partner knew it and when he came in Zadar he invited me to sail one day with him and his daughter. Our departure was from marina Bibinje-Sukosan. Early morning, summer, sunny day, one day on a boat. They wanted to discover islands, hidden bays and they prefer our dalmatian food. Dalmatian food is healthy. We use olive oil a lot. Two years ago they visited Hvar, Brac, Vis and we decided to go on island of Iz. The Island of Iž is situated between Dugi otok and Ugljan. It has two tourist villages: Veli Iž and Mali Iž – beautiful little villages, surrounded by fig trees, olive gardens and vegetable plantations.

That day a lot of fans were sailing. Sailing, it is a passion, without stress, just sea and you. I explained everything about our islands, about life on the island, what they can visit and expect there. We passed under the bridge which connects islands of Ugljan and Pasman. Nature, clear sea, they were delighted because they prefer Croatia. We anchored at sea, we were swimming, diving, fishing…

It was time to go, it was about 13.00 and we continued to sail. For them, it was a big experience, they really enjoyed. He works a lot and I understand him. Our next destination was Veli Iž. We docked in a port of Veli Iž. Veli Iž is a quiet place with well-proportioned architecture and has several lovely structures in the Romanesque style. Clean sea, nice place, small streets. I showed them all. Sergey likes restaurants, but he also prefer to make comments. He is a gourmand. When he saw a fish in their fridge, he decided. He had a big choice to choose. I don`t like to suggest, he and his daughter invited me, but it was excellent choice. Konoba “Kod Barbe” has a sea view, you can sit in konoba or front of the restaurant (konoba). We took a nice seat, looking a sea. There, you feel Dalmatia. A nice girl came and said that she was at our disposal. We looked a menu. In menu, you will find: soup, vegetables, fish, grill, meat, shellfish… A first choice of my business partner was a fish soup for us. The flavor was wonderful. After we ordered a fish on the grill, salad and chard. A fish was excellent grilled, olive oil was fantastic and my business partner told me that the oil was originally. I like it because I like soak a bread in the oil. His daughter ate everything a first time and he was satisfied.

I prefer sweets and I took pancakes, Sergey chose a cake with apples and a girl took an ice cream. One good thing is, and we like it, that a girl who worked there came a several times to ask us if we were satisfied. My business partner wanted to see a head chef  to thank him. A food was great, a staff was excellent, a place is nice, sea view….people are friendly and hospitality. Konoba “Kod Barbe” , we tell “barba”- elderly man, but the owner is not elderly man, he is a man about 42 years. It is obvious that he likes his job and he takes care of fresh food and people.

It was about 15.30 and we left Konoba “Kod Barbe” and Veli Iž. Our boat was waiting us, we had a time for sailing and swimming. We visited before Hvar, Brac, Korcula….Veli Iž, it is not jet-set, it is small quiet place, where you can enjoy your holidays, clear sea, nice people and good food.

It was last year. This year, I am waiting again. Thank you Konoba ” Kod Barbe”, thank you people.

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