Historic prisons tours

Panoramic historic prisons tours from Zadar. Something different, between the past and the present. We can tell, Alcatraz in ex Yugoslavia. Let’s go with our flight. On our trip, you will see beautiful historical towns, Nin, amazing bridge of Pag, clear sea, famous Zrće beach and Novalja, old town of Pag, typical medieval town with the impressive landscape – stone lace in the sea, island of Rab.

Nin, old town and from the air, it looks like a paradise. Old churches, the smallest cathedral, beautiful sandy Queen’s beach. We continue our flight.

Pag’s triangle is the name for an unusual imprint on the rocky ground, discovered on the hill Tusto celo, in May 1999. The natural phenomenon that attracts a lot of attention, situated on the  island of Pag near Novalja. The most bizarre thing about it is it’s weird location – in the middle of nowhere. The size of 32 x32 x 22 meters and has a form of iron prints and stones within it is lighter and quite different from the surrounding rocks. To this day has not been scientifically explained this phenomenon.  Pag triangle – it is made by UFO?

Novalja and Zrće, you can enjoy every day a music and party on the beach of Zrće.

Spectacular sandy beaches are the trademark of Rab Island. Rab with its beautiful beaches, churches and it looks amazing.

We continue our flight to Goli Otok.

Goli Otok, the island that was the site of the only gulag in Europe, a top-secret political prison in use from 1949 to 1989 and where Tito sent all those who sided with URSS after the break-up between himself and Stalin. In nearly forty years, thousands of Croatian were killed on the false assumption of “Stalinism”. Goli Otok was a prison for men.

The complex was huge, comprising many different kinds of construction, from offices to cells, a hospital, a school and several factories, which had been the only factories in the whole region.

Opposite the Goli Otok is Sveti Grgur, ex prison for women in Yugoslavia from 1948 – 1988. It is uninhabited island.

Our pilot will tell you a story about prisons, about history, and this trip is between the past and the present.

Are you ready to fly with us?