Discover Mostar together

Discover Mostar together!! (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

It is an excursion for 4-18 people, for a group or friends or for families.

Departure from Zadar about 5.30. Stopping along the way if necessary. About 10.00 we are in Mostar. The Old City of Mostar is a lovely place to visit. Since the war has ended, it has become part of the beaten path of tourism. The Old Bridge is the main point of attraction of course, and it stays interesting when you look at it from different angles.

Mostar has become a WHS because of its symbolical function of peaceful coexistence of different cultures. In Mostar we`ll visit Koski-Mehmed Pasha Mosque, Turkish house, Karadjoz bey Mosque and walking the old streets…..

We can take a break and dine in Mostar or Blagaj.

Blagaj is a village-town (kasaba) in the south-eastern region of the Mostar. Blagaj is situated at the spring of the Buna river and a historical tekke (tekija or Dervish monastery). The Blagaj Tekija was built around 1520, with elements of Ottoman architecture and Mediterranean style and is considered a national monument. After that, we can go on delta of Neretva River. The valley of the Neretva is a land you dream of, it is an untouched part of nature, it is a place where you will feel the call of nature. The ride on narrow canals and backwaters of the Neretva in the traditional boat is a unique experience. The boat will be guided by your host who will make you familiar with the life in the Neretva, show you how people of the Neretva fish and cultivate citrus fruits as symbols of the Neretva (mandarins, figs, grapes).

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Arrival: about 23.00 in Zadar.

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