The Boats Marathon in Neretva

Every year in the summer, the river of Neretva is a big attraction. If you are perhaps in Metković or Dubrovnik Neretva County, it is the social event not to be missed. Men, women and children may take part. It takes place on the second Saturday in August. The first Maraton Lađa took place in 1998 to revive a tradition.

Maraton Lađa  is a cultural heritage and it is a popular.

The Boats Marathon on the river Neretva is a long tradition of the local inhabitants. The route is long 22 500 metres. It is very interesting that all boats must be traditional in shape and dimension. These wooden boats through the history have been used as the transport mean from the dwelling place to the market, shop or the agricultural lands along the river Neretva.

The route is strictly defined: The starting point is the bridge in the town of Metković, the participants passe through the places Kula Norinska, Krvavac, Opuzen, Komin, Crna rijeka, Rogotin, Čeveljusa and Stablin. The finish is in the town of Ploče, where the Winning Shield and the medals are awarded .

Competitors can be only inhabitants from the towns along the river Neretva. The crew contains of members with 1 drummer and steersman. On the boat, there is a seating arrangement. During the competition, replacement of the 6 paddlers-members of the crew is allowed. The paddlers must sit at the edge of the boat, the drummer must sit on the bow in the middle of the boat.

The winning crew gets the gold medals, temporary shield of prince Domagoj 27 kilograms of weight, the smaller shield to to the permanent property and the money prize.

The winning crew’s time is usually around 2 hours 15 minutes.

The Neretva is the most important river of the Adriatic area. It remains unique in its beauty and the diversity of its landscape.

Maraton Lađa returns us in the history and it is a pity to miss it.

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