Saharun paradise

Finally Sunday. Today our destination is Saharun- Sakarun, beautiful sandy beach, like a paradise. We took a boat TRN in Petrčane at 8.00. Every day except Saturday, their destination is Saharun beach. We came about 7.30. Beautiful morning, sunny day and we are waiting our boat TRN. The boat is arriving and we should find our place.

It will be a nice day and relax. On the boat we had aperitif and cookies, sandwich for  breakfast, fish and meat platter lunch (+vegetables+salad+fruit+wine+juice+water), unlimited juice and water throughout the day and train transport. You don`t take anything with you of food because on the boat TRN you have more than enough.

We were sailing past some of the most beautiful islands in the Zadar archipelago (Tri Sestrice, Sestrunj, Molat, Zverinac). Don`t forget to take your mobile phone, camera…

We came on Božava about 10.40, took a small red train and arrived on the crossroad. You need 2 minutes to have a spectacular view on Saharun. At the beach, we had plenty of time to relax, enjoying the beautiful clear blue sea or just sitting and enjoying a drink at local cafes nearby.

People were satisfied, the nature is beautiful. Along the route, we saw the remains of a sunken ship, the lighthouse Veli Rat (41 m) and fishing village of Soline on Dugi Otok, from which we were transported by a tourist train to the sandy beach SAKARUN, a short and scenic ride.

Sakarun Beach is protected as a significant natural area and included into the Croatian Ecological Network.

Our trip finished about 18.00 in Petrčane.

If you have the opportunity and you spend your vacation near Zadar, enjoy this excursion.

The crew of boat is professional, kind and at your service. Thanks everyone of boat TRN.