Olive-the beauty elixir

The knowledge about healing and nutritious values of olives goes back far into the past of mankind. For centuries Mediterranean women have been using olive oil for skincare.  Olive oil gives Sophia Loren her youthful looks, her slim figure and lustrous hair. Old recepies for hair and skincare have been passed down from generation to generation in Dalmatia-Croatia and in the last couple of years a lot of cosmetic products are based on olive oil.

Oil people use as a medicine. Olive oil is perfect for burns and it is highly appreciated during aroma therapies, and rarely used alone because of its thickness and special smell. Olive oil is often mixed with almond oil.It is perfect for dry and damaged skin and it has a therapeutic effects. Some research show that women who use olive oil more rarely get breast cancer and only 1 teaspoon of olive oil satisfies 8% of the daily needs of Vitamin E.

Because of its natural protective factor it can used as protection against the sun. In dermatology books we can find different numbers regarding its protection factor. Some claim that the UV protection factor is 4, others even 20. As sunbathing is dangerous nowadays, the skin should be protected with usual cremes and olive oil should be used after sunbathing. When the skin is tanned one should use olive oil before going sunbathing. We add sage, lemon, rosemary, lavender and other herbs and etherical oils.

The olive tree, it is the tree of eternity. It doesn`t yield fruits for the first seven years and the biggest output happens after 20 years.

Mediterranean civilization have used olive oil as a means of payment, in the Middle Age even as cash. It was used as medicine, as a cosmetic product.

Famous olive oils are Dalmatian and Istrian. The other word for olive oil is ” liquid gold”.

Hair-mask: the easiest way to make a mask is if you mix olive oil with egg yolk. Massage it into your hair, put a towel on for some time. Wash your hair with mild shampoo, one that contains no damaging chemicals.

The Olive, a symbol of Dalmatia.