Kayak fishing

Whatever age, whatever ability – Kayaking is a great sport for all!

Taking to the water in a boat you control yourself is always a thrill and certainly gives you an appreciation of how important it is to respect the water. Kayaking experience is a chance to learn everything you need to know about these small craft and enjoy beautiful scenery as you go.

Find yourself:

Kayak fishing

Catch and prepare fish for your dinner.

The route includes:


Fishing license

Fishing equipment and bailt

Experienced guide

It is for 2 persons.

Duration: 3h 30 min.

Departure: Rovanjska (near Starigrad)

Kayaking is a quiet ecological activity which offers a vast specter of emotions and states of mind, from meditation rowing on the calm sea to the adrenaline – based riding of sea waves.

Experience your adventure. Live life to the full. Share the memories later.

information and booking: info@conte-adriatic.com