Eclipse 500

Eclipse 500 is a small six-seat American business jet and the Eclipse 500 became the first of a new class of Very Light Jets

Crew: one or two pilots

Capacity: 3 to 4 passengers

Range: 1,125 nm

Maximum speed: 370 knots (425 mph, 685 km/h)

Service ceiling: 41,000 ft (12,500 m)

Fly safe, fly fast, fly an eclipse jet.

The twin-turbofan jet nicely combines reliability, fuel efficiency, and simplicity in a sleek and stylish casing. Although classified as a light jet, the Eclipse 500 can accommodate up to 6 seats, making it just right for individual/small company ownership.

The body of the Eclipse 500 is just as important to its competitive advantage as its performance. Having a small all-aluminum frame, the aircraft is considerably lighter than most, giving it an advantage in fuel-efficiency.

Private Jet Photo Eclipse EA500 interior, The 500’s interior is stylish. The interior measurements are: 148 inches in length; 50 inches in height; 56 inches in width. Standard seats feature leather outboard armrests, forward/aft adjustment, 85 degree fold-over function, 28 degree recline and seatback pockets.

The Eclipse 500 was a great buy for smaller-scale, private jet users.

The Eclipse 500 is easy to fly due to the AVIO Total Aircraft Integration system that it employs. AVIO makes flying simple by combining and incorporating every system on the aircraft (the engines, pressurization and electrical components, avionics, and dual zone climate control), and featuring interactive and automatic controls. Eclipse’s AVIO is comparable to Dassault’s EAS y cockpit, although even more integrated.

The Eclipse 500 first flew in August 2002, using the Williams EJ22 fanjet engines, each having 770 lbs of thrust. Ongoing issues forced Eclipse to seek another engine.

Fly safe, fly fast, fly an eclipse jet.

Price on demand
Max people4
Jet typeAirplane

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