Cessna Citation Bravo

Cessna Citation Bravo
Available 7 passenger seats (6+1) + 2 pilots | FA on requestRange 4 passengers 1495 Nm
Range 7 passengers 1294 Nm
Maximum Flight Level 430
Maximum Cruise Speed 395 Kts

Cessna’s Citation Bravo is one of the most cost-effective small jets to charter, when travelling as larger group or family of 5-7 people. The aircraft cabin has comfortable, pedestal-mounted swivel chairs, seats up to seven passengers, has a hot and cold beverage area as well as a well equipped mini-bar. Externally the aircraft has a spacious baggage capacity.

Private jet hire is perfect for your leisure pursuits, providing luxurious, comfortable and private travel.

Safety is not a luxury, it is a necessity.

Price on demand
Max people7
Jet typeAirplane

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