Cessna Citation 501

Cessna Citation 501 is a small business jet with capacity 5 to 7 passengers manufacture by Cessna and its certified for single pilot operations.

Range: 1,328 nmi (1,528 mi, 2,459 km)

Cruise speed: 357 kn (411 mph, 661 km/h)

Service ceiling: 41,000 ft (12,000 m)

No. of seats: 2 pilots + 6 pax (optional up to 7)
Wing span: 14,35 m
Length: 13,26 m
Empty weight: 3.500 kg

The Cessna 500 series Citation I created the entry level light business jet market. Their success set the base for the world’s largest family of corporate jets.

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Price on demand
Max people7
Jet typeAirplane

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