Female regatta in Krapanj

Female regatta, it seems strange, but the first regatta was held in 2012. It is not usual, but it is interesting. This unique regatta is held in memory of all the women from Krapanj who raised many generations of islanders with oars in their hands. Krapanj is an island famous for diving where divers dive sea sponges.It is the smallest inhabited island on the Adriatic coast of Croatia.

Regatta is held at the beginning of August. This year were attended 7 gajeta vessels and 16 rowers. The plan was to row around the whole island. The oldest gajeta was the “Konoba Dalmata”,  built in 1876.

Women from Krapanj had a hard life. They took care of the fields, house, garden and they took also care of their families. One of the goals of this regatta is to introduce the broad public to the plights of Krapanj women. Their day was difficult. They got up at 2 am, rowed their boats to filds in Donje Polje, Grebaštica, they worked those fields and rowed back home where they took care of children. Can you imagine their life? And, in that time, they had an unusual custom in Krapanj. The practice was for women to row and men to stand on the boat`s prow or stern. Watching today, such thing is primitive and unimaginable.

Krapanj men would go sea sponge diving from Brijuni to Mljet. It was dangerous and exhausting. Many of them did not come back.

The work of their husbands, brothers and fathers was difficult and woman would take care of tasks, showing them a respect and love.

This regatta is in memory of mothers and grandmothers.

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