Explore Cerovac Caves

Explore Cerovac Caves!!

Do you like exploring new places? It is for you. Cerovac Caves.

Departure from Zadar, it is for a group of 4-7 people, for more people, it is also possible on request.

Velebit is extremely rich in speleological structures, but it is still not explored enough. There are hundreds of deep pits and caves (Lukina jama, Mamet, Manita peć, Čulinka, Čavlinka, Odisejeva špilja and Kraljica Bukovice); however, the most significant and most known are Cerovac Caves located on the southern part of „Velebit“ Nature Park.

Cerovac Caves are the largest cave complex in Croatia. They were discovered during the construction of the railway track from Gračac toward Cerovac. The Caves were named after this station. The Upper Cave is 1200 meters long and the Lower Cave is 2400 meters long. Between these two caves, there is a significantly smaller Middle Cave. They are mostly accessible for visit and are extremely rich in cave decorations. They are also one of the largest finding places of cave bear remains in Croatia. The caves also contain findings of human bones and bronze axe that belonged to Pleistocene cave bear hunters.

Due to numerous findings from the ancient past and their unique natural beauty, Cerovac Caves were protected by law as a geological nature monument.

With your guide you will fulfil your experience. It is breathtaking .

The temperature in the caves is between 5 C and 11 C and you need warmer clothing, a head cover and comfortable shoes are recommended. Duration about 3 h.

Lunch on river Zrmanja. 

Return to Zadar about 18.30

If you have any inquiry, desire, please contact us.

Explore Cerovac Caves and visit Zrmanja river.

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