Dubrovnik Big Game Fishing

Big Game Fishing from Dubrovnik,  day-fishing, multi-day fishing and extreme multi-day fishing. For 1 – 5 people. Two experienced crew members, lunch on board, fuel, drinks, bait, fishing gear.
The crew will be happy to educate you and share the fishing secrets.

Join us and enjoy this exciting and unforgettable experience.

The boat Luhrs (9,5m) is ideal for catching the greater amberjack and dentex using the jigging technique. With its luxury furnishings and comfort, the boat offers an unforgettable experience on the open sea. The boat offers comfort and an enjoyable fishing experience. Fishing from this boat provides direct contact with the sea and the fish, and each team member can actively participate in extreme fishing.

Fly bridge, electronics, sonder, radar, plotter, radio station, auto pilot.

Hunting tuna, swordfish and sharks, trolling smaller species of tuna and little tunny with nine or more rods.

The Adriatic Sea is currently one of the clearest seas on the planet, known for its salinity and ideal for indigenous marine life forms. Our satisfaction is fishing for bluefin tuna, the star of sport fishing which can weigh up to 600 kg. Bluefin are among the biggest, fastest, and widest-ranging animals on the planet. Bluefin tuna are exceptionally intelligent, and able to figure out fishing tactics and adjust to them. Tuna is an excellent swimmer and predator. These fish are long-lived, they have incredible sensory systems, and they do have to pay attention to predators such as killer whales. Bluefin can tolerate extreme changes in water temperature—from 26 C down to 7 C—that enables them to chase prey in the deep, and they have sophisticated eyes and other sensory systems that also work in the cold darkness.

Its mouth is as large as its appetite, and even though it has no teeth.  People say that the greater amberjack is an oily fish with white flesh. This means that it belongs to the oily fish family. While the greater amberjack is toothless, the dentex was named after its – teeth. We will share this energy and enchanting beauty of the Adriatic.

Join us and enjoy an unforgettable and exciting experience!