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Supetar is the island’s capital of Barc. It’s the only city on the island, developing fast in the past few years.

Brac is the largest Dalmatian island in Croatia, located between Split and island Hvar.

Long 40 km, wide 12 km. The highest point on Brac Island is Sv. Vid on Vidova Gora at 778 m or 2552 feet. This is the highest point on all Croatian Islands.

Home to one of the famous beaches in Adriatic, Zlatni rat (Golden horn).

The town of about 4,000 inhabitants is the largest on the island and, together with Bol, Sutivan, Postira and Sumartin, one of the most popular coastal resorts for a summer vacation on Brac.

Supetar is best known for its beautiful old town. the most beautiful part to visit in Supetar is the picturesque harbor with the romantic waterfront.

Our great Croatian poet, Tin Ujević, from 1929, with which he described Brač and Supetar:

“Supetar is really the right place for an ideal holiday…a charming sun in the front of which the blue strand unwinds like an ingenuous innocence of a girl….And in the evening, a deep peace…In the heart of that poor soil and ungrateful stone, there is a moment of a high and passionate domestic poetry, a source of beauty that invites to stop….so many stars whose flickers are discreet….peace is entering into my being…

Also the surrounding area makes you want to engage in exciting activities. During an excursion you can explore many of the most beautiful attractions of Brac Island.

Supetar is a perfect place to relax and spend your holidays. It is an opportunity to truly live the island lifestyle surrounded with amazing nature.

On the island, you will feel authentic island life.

Country Croatia
Languages spokencroatian
Currency usedHRK
Area (km2)30

Sports & nature

The beaches in Supetar are gorgeous and the perfect place for an unforgettable beach vacation. In addition, there is a wide range of activities and the many amazing possibilities for day trips in the surrounding area guarantee an unforgettable vacation. Also the beaches in Supetar are phenomenal and invite you to stop sunbathe. Acapulco beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Supetar. This fabulous pebble beach is located on the edge of the old town near the ferry and is one of the most popular swimming spots in the resort. Punta beach, also known as Banj beach, is one of the main beaches of Supetar. During a visit you can expect a long bay surrounded by numerous shady trees.Sports and nature image

Nightlife info

Strolling along the palm-lined promenade, you will enjoy fantastic views of the coast, the harbor town and the boats bobbing in the sea of the Bay of St. Peter. Along the way there are numerous cozy restaurants, ice cream parlors, cafes and konobas that invite to linger and enjoy the unique ambience. One of the best beaches in Sutivan is the Plaza Supetrus. It is located not far from the main beach and offers unique sceneryNightlife image

Culture and history info

Probably one of the most important attractions in Supetar is the church Sveti Petra. It is located on a small hill in the historical center and dominates the towns cape with its imposing steeple. The complex includes the parish church itself as well as the Leroj clock tower, the freestanding church tower and the church museum. The history of Crkva sv. Petra dates back to the 17th century and thanks to its historical significance, all these buildings are on the list of protected cultural attractions in Croatia. The church square with its picturesque stone staircase is also breathtaking, and together with the church it creates a stunning backdrop. The Petrinovic Mausoleum is another culturally interesting sight in Supetar. It is located just outside the old town at the Supetar cemetery. You can see the impressive mausoleum, but also the many sculptures by the artists Tome Rosandic and Ivan Rendic.Culture and history image

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