Croatian Souvenirs

When you come in Croatia, it is very hard to find something authentic.
The best things in life are free, such as listening to the sea organ with amazing sunset or the historic center of Dubrovnik, where they filmed scenes of Game of Thrones. For your reminder of your vacation in Croatia, I will serve authentic Croatian souvenirs.

What to choose of souvenirs, how to recognize them and choose in a sea of cheap Chinese replicas


An indispensable accessory in the men’s suits around the world, the tie was “invented” by Croatian mercenaries in France during the 17th century. Although the soldiers had a strong pragmatic note – mercenaries used to wear in order to discern each other on the battlefield – the tie soon became an integral part of the wardrobe of every French trendsetters, of which King Louis XIV.

Sibenik`s cap (hat)

It is a “red šibenska” cap, originally from Drnis. The cap is adorned with a black embroidered decorations (called boule or bule), and they wear it during events (festivals, weddings).


Small figurines of the head or to dark-skinned person wearing a turban is part of the original jewelry from Rijeka, Kvarner and the Croatian coast. The figure Moretto can be found on earrings, rings, decorative pins and brooches. Moretto is made of enamel, and has been modeled on, in the 17th and 18th century popular Venetian Moretto.

Sibenik`s button

The Sibenik`s button is made of silver, with a special technique of filigree. Inside is hollow and outside is decorated with small beads and wire. It is a frequent motif on earrings, rings, crosses and other jewelry. It is is an authentic, antique jewelry.

Crystal of Samobor

Do you want your souvenir sparkles and shines like the full moon but you do not have enough money for expensive jewelry? In Samobor, a small town near Zagreb, you can visit the old crystal factory and be equipped with a variety of practical and impractical, hand-cut crystal products.

Gingerbread Heart

There is no sweeter souvenirs throughout Croatia from gingerbread heart. These decorated, red, heart-shaped, gingerbread cakes are alike in appearance and taste, too fine. Gingerbread cookies come in various shapes. In addition to honey, you can eat horses, flowers, boots, Christmas trees … They came in the form of trees or not, gingerbread cookies are perfect decoration for the rights of Christmas trees with classical balls. Also, they are very popular for Valentine’s Day among the Lovebirds.


Slavic alphabet, Glagolitic also represents an interesting fashion accessory on ties, bags and T-shirts. If you want something more classic souvenir motif, there is no better choice to replicas of the Baska tablet, the oldest monument in the Croatian language and script.


Surely you’ve heard of lace, Hvar lace made nuns from the Benedictine monastery in Hvar. Lepoglava lace has its roots in the 15th century. Pag lace, the most famous on the list, originally from Venice, and in the Pag Benedictine monastery started to produce also in the 15th century. All three laces are on the list of UNESCO World Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Vucedol Dove

Vučedol or Danube Troy is one of the first known settlements in Croatia and very important archaeological site. Here lived the inhabitants of Vučedol culture of 3000. BC. e. to 2400. AC, who were extremely skilled ceramists. The best preserved from the site ceramic vessel (censer), is in the form of a dove. Vučedol dove is not only a reminder of the rich history of this region, but also a symbol of peace war-torn Vukovar, located near the Vučedol.