The magic of the island

Do you know where is the island of Hvar? Have you ever visited this island? Do you know that Hvar is international party destination?

There are many pretty towns. The biggest of these is also called Hvar. It has pedestrianized streets and Venetian architecture. Recently, this fishing village has gained big international buzz, rising from charming getaway to chic cocktails resort. In July and August the place is thronged but in September it is quiet and tranquil. The party season lasts for two months.

Back in the past-in the nineteenth century, Hvar started out as a winter resort offering mild weather and clean air.

During the Yougoslav era Hvar retained its reputation as a place for bohemians and stylish cultural type: the presence of one of the oldest theatres in this part and the nice gallery on the main square. Croatian celebrities were coming before the island was discovered by the outside world.

A key event in the rise of Hvar´s international reputation was the opening of Carpe Diem. This landmark cocktail bar attracts tourists from yachts, people who want a good party..

The food on offer in Hvar is delicious. For people seeking culinary delights and culinary authenticity there is a great deal on the island to enjoy. Most restaurants on the island have oil oil; it is locally produced. The wine list on the island features the local tipple; Plavac Mali from Svirče or Sveta Nedjelja or the white Pošip and Bogdanjuša.

On the island, you can visit some of wineries. In Tri Pršuta Wine bar, you can taste cheese and pršut and it is very famous.

There are a lot of people who are interested in more than just arriving in town, taking a picture and than going to sit outside a bar.

On the islet of Sveti Klement at Palmižana, the family Meneghello has a botanical garden founded by their forbears in 1906. Full of towering palms and cacti, it is a peace where you will find your peace.

Whether you are in Stari Grad,town of Hvar, Palmižana or anywhere else on the island, if you are here in July, August or October, you will fall in love with this place. There are many activities to enjoy; hidden bays, hidden konobas and it is easy to find your own private hidden corner.

Hvar is now on the top, but for three, four years….

If you haven`t visited Hvar, it is time to leave..

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