St. Jure of Biokovo

Makarska riviera is the part of Croatian coast, sea, beaches and it is situated under the mountain of Biokovo. Beautiful nature, clean air, you just need to wear your sports clothes and set off to explore the Biokovo.

The name of the mountain of Biokovo is a part of a continuous chain that extends from the Cetina and the Neretva River at a length of over 50 km. Some of people will sit in their car and the lovers of the adrenaline will take a bike to explore the beauty. In the hillside, you can have a picnic. The curvy roads, picturesque hillside, nature….what to say, just one word, beautiful!!

( Sveti Jure) St George, with its 1762 meters high is the highest peak of Biokovo and the third highest Croatian mountain peak. Sveti Jure offers a fantastic view of the Makarska Riviera, the islands and Zabiokovlje and on a clear day you can see the mountain of Monte Gargano in Italy, 210 km away. Also, you can see Imotsko field with Red and Blue Lakes. Due to the altitude, it is on the border between the Mediterranean and continental climate, the Sveti Jure has an average annual temperature around 4 ° C and there is the snow most of the year. This is one of the coldest Croatian dots.

At the top, to which access is forbidden, there is a radio-television transmitter.

On Sveti Jure you will see the small church. Celebration of Mass in the church is on the last Saturday in July and it is for practical reasons. April 23, it is very cold, often inaccessible due to snow and weather, the storm clouds with rain and a high possibility of a lightning strike. Therefore, the celebration was transferred in mid-summer. Then most of the faithful from the coast and the hinterland come there by foot.

Besides the rich Mediterranean flora on the mountain slope, you will find several endemic species on the mountain of Biokovo (Edraianthus pumilio) or (Centaurea cuspidata). Animal species are attractive and you can see there a wild goats, mouflon and golden eagle. Due to these attractions slope in 1981 Biokovo was declared a protected national park.

Biokovo is a lovely day trip. Enjoy!!

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